Saturday, March 12, 2011

Stretch it gently !

Sixth century B.C., India was going through a religious renaissance and a plethora of school of thoughts came into existence. Along with the Buddhism and Jainism there were two other prominent schools of thoughts: Charwakvaad (lokayat) and Akriyavaad.
Charwakvaad said " यावत् जीवेत सुखं जीवेत, ऋणं कृत्वा घृतं पिबेत" that is, live happily even if it requires you to live you on loan.
Akriyavaad said "there is nothing like good or bad deeds and their similar consequences" so   if you want to stay happy, do whatever you want to do with yourself."
Do you know? latter both these School vanished and as of now hardly any one knows about these philosophies.
Now the question arises that why these otherwise simple looking philosophies met with disrespectful demise in utter oblivion?
And the answer is that they didn't stretch it gently as the Buddhism and Jainism did.
So the point which I wanted to bring home is that if you don't stretch it gently it is not going to survive whether it is happiness, wealth, blithe, love, fame or even yourself. 
However you may not be agree with this as the above quoted example may not be convincing one, chances are more if you are an atheist or something like that.
So let us turn to nature and see how loudly and vividly she is trying to convince her children to "Stretch it gently". 
Can you start your day at 4 O'clock in the morning or at 12 O'clock ?
Can you stay awake for 18 hours at a stretch a day for a long time ?
Can you eat all the required food for one day in only one meal ?
Can you find any sane creature who is not following a particular routine in its day to day life ?
Let us try it with non-living things:
Can you name a single river which can maintain the intensity of its stream at highest level for whole year ?
Can you name a single mountain range which is growing at zooming rate ?
Can you name one single wind current which changes its course at its maniac behest ?
Can you blame the Sun that it is emitting more heat one day and less on another day ?
       I can bet that for all the above questions your answer will be negative and in case if u find some positive answers you will realise, without late, that there life is awfully short. The more sporadic behaviour you notice  the  more short will be the life.
       Some of you must call the above observation rubbish one because you are a proud scientific and logical brain. For such pro-science brain bearers here is the fact :-
1. The creatures which breathe at faster pace have the smallest life span. For example: an ant breathe at least 10 times faster than an elephant do and hence their lives are accordingly smaller and longer.
2. The creatures which run at extremely fast pace just can't run for long time. For example: a leopard runs much faster than a horse and hence a leopard can maintain the pace in minutes whereas a horse can maintain the pace in hours.
3. Sow the seed of Banyan tree and you will see the sapling after a fairly long time in comparison of that after which you will see the saplings if you sow the seeds of a ladyfinger plant and hence their lives are accordingly longer and shorter.          
4. If you need some more examples, just find it yourselves because it will leave a lasting impact on your brains. Simple reading was and will never be a good way of learning.
5. Last but not the least it is worth mentioning that even if a mother loves her child or children by going some extra miles it becomes something to suspect about and at many instances it prove to be fatal one.
Therefore, if u are not feeling good about something or anything in and around you just check it out, either you or yours is stretching something beyond the normal limits. Be careful !
However all the above said is of no good if you are feeling good by stretching something because things can be achieved only by stretching the required beyond the normal limits. (Even your own offspring is result of some kind of nice stretching beyond the normal limits)
              So the thing is that stretch if necessary but never let you stay in that position for long because world is not made for enjoying the agony but to enjoy the fruit of bearing the agony for a while.
Have you ever noticed that the light which is symbol of happiness is result of stretched position of electrons in other than their normal shell for only a minimal fraction of a second. So enjoy the meal of life with spice of stretch and not with the rice of stretch.
Mark the river when she moves in streamline motion she has venerable grandeur when she moves in random motion she is awesome but when moves mostly streamlined and occasionally and gently random she becomes lovable and cover the most of the available space for her journey.
Just take the cue and enjoy the journey !! 

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Apolitical dissection of divisive politics!

One of the prominent thinkers of our times, Marx, had said that it is matter which influences the mind and reverse is not true. This attracted a lot of criticism from all over the world as almost all the religions of the world preaches that mind is above all and mind only can influence the matter and hence the theory that social structure is nothing but the result of economic structure was discarded.

In our country that is India we hear some agitations are going on for some separate states all the time. To attract the eye balls, bandh and hartals are organised and consequently some deaths and blood shed takes place, political gimmicks are made and a short span of truce is all we get.

It hurts, really hurts hard to see that parts of our country, which is otherwise regarded as Maa, can't stay in harmony.
Now if it really hurts then what is the way out of this sticky situation? Have you ever asked this question to yourselves ? If no, then believe me doom day is not far and if yes, then let me share something with you.
I tried to find the reason behind such mass agitations in my own simple way: that is to ask persons from different social strata in three states, please don't ask me to name them as it will jaundice your eyes and we need to stay impartial, one which has suffered the partition, one where agitation is going on and one which is a party to fierce inter-state dispute. Age group wise it includes persons from 25 to 55, income wise from Rs.12000 to Rs.60000 pm and education wise from 10th standard pass to Graduate one.
These are the Questions and Answers:
Ques: Sir! Do you support the separate state agitation?(Age-40, Income- 15000, Ed- 10th std pass)
Ans: Yes! If we have our own state we will get some good infrastructure, drinking water, schools, universities and jobs.
Ques: I think govt. has not got the adequate resources(revenues) to do so?
Ans: No, whatever they get should be spent  without any bias. See such and such part have better facilities and we don't have.
Ques: Who told you?
Ans: I know, Political parties are telling that.
Ques: Sir! Do you support the separate state agitation?(Age-55, Income- 30000, Ed- 12th std. pass)
Ans: We people keep mum on this issue as they will kill for adverse opinion.
Ques: Who?
Ans: Men from political parties.
Ques: Don't you think that it will help for development?
Ans: What development? All are busy in loot, no one cares for us, name will change not the politicians.
Ques: Sir! Do you support the separate state agitation?(Age-40, Income-45000, Ed- Graduate)
Ans: Rubbish! these politicians don't have any work to do, they only know how to earn bread by be-fooling the mass. A gentleman has got the fate to suffer.
Then I told one of my friends that I think Govt. should grant the smaller states as the habitants wish and the reply was: Shut up! you will spoil all the sincere works of our great Sardar Ballav Bhai Patel who unified more than 600 smaller king-ruled states to consolidate the Republic of India.
Now there are some questions which were asked to the inhabitants of the state created a decade ago:
Ques: Sir! do you feel that the new state has done some good to its inhabitants? (Employed young man of about 30 years of age)?
Ans: Name changes, not the mentality, they (leaders) are busy with loot and booty. No better roads, no education, no jobs, no sanitation only one thing is prevailing that is GHOTALA(scam).
Fortunately my room-mate(working in a multinational company recently returned from US after a job assignment of three years) is from one of the mother states that were divided in two about a decade ago so I asked him about his opinion and he replied that it was told that after the division the mother state will have lesser burden on the exchequer and hence there will be better infrastructure but 10 years down the lane I don't find any changes except some bigger parks with mammoth statue, however I noticed some malls also but don't think it has anything to do with the decade old partition of the state.
There are many other questions which i discussed with my co-patriot friends not fit for mentioning it here but one particular question and its answer from one of my bosses (almost 60 years old from a non-hindi speaking state) is worth mentioning here:
Ques: Why does this anti-hindi stand exist whereas we find not many are against speaking it as a colloquial language for communication within our otherwise multilingual motherland ?
Ans: Dear Son! such stands are made to milch the political interests. I come from a poor family of distant village. There exists only Govt. schools which are used for political gimmicks in the name of language and so Hindi is not taught there but all the politicians have there children admitted in posh Public Schools where their children learn Hindi language and get better opportunity to serve in almost any where in India after getting a job in private sector companies. They have learnt this divide and rule policy from the English rulers and they actually want to rule us they are not harbingers but demons.
However i got to meet some other people who opined that Hindi speaking culture is backward in comparison of non-hindi speaking culture so its better to avoid it, but unfortunately they never explained- how?
Don't know how one can draw any conclusion from the above account but I see it as the proof of the fact that nothing but poverty and hence desperation and hard-bearing callous political environment make available the required be-fooled mass to support the baseless divisive politics in India. So the only solution to it is to eradicate the poverty and illiteracy and it need hands and not the funds of the government to eradicate something. It is poetic but I believe that a Bhartendu Harishchadra or a Subramanaya Bharathi always precede a Bhagat Singh or Baba Saheb Bhim Rao Ambedkar.  

Saturday, December 4, 2010

explore the horizons!

Jesus Christ declares in the Bible that "Search and you will find, ask and you will get". The same has been repeated more clearly in the sermons of the Great Swami Vivekananda when he tells that "it is not surprising that how people fail but it is that how people succeed, success never comes by following the set patterns but by exploring the horizons."

It means, we will have to search, ask and explore the horizons of our imagination, we will have to make ourselves believe that there is always a chance of change in the existing set of patterns,we will have to be inquisitive. Then only we will be able to imagine and create some thing which will ensure our entitlement to a bit of all the good things like happiness, hope, confidence, and most cherished riches of the world.
But not every one can identify the possibilities of change and creation in each and every thing but the one who has some interest in a given thing or situation. So we will have to find what interests us more than any thing else in the world and it can't be find by chasing all that glitters but by asking one simple question to ourselves -
"WHAT IS THAT WITHOUT INVOLVING IN WHICH WE CAN'T STAY CALM FOR MORE THAN ONE DAY, GIVEN ALL BASIC NEEDS ARE FULFILLED?" It may take some time to find out the answer because we all are prejudiced due to some allurement or other so we will have to be careful about the answer we get. We will have to be cautious if the "involvement" is due to allurement or due to a compelling urge to involve into without any expectation but satisfaction.
But it is not that easy to identify a fulfilled expectation and satisfaction distinctly. To get out of this sticky situation I found the modus operandi of Rashtrapita Mahatma Gandhi as a perfect one as it is tested and trusted and based on the Indian knowledge of difference between soul(प्राण) and mind(मन ) and the source of their enrichment. If you go through the life of Mahatma Gandhi during his struggle in South Africa or India you will find that before making any important decision he used to keep a fasting session of 21 days to purge his thoughts of all the allurement. It was not baseless or an eccentric behavior of a maniac. It was based on the fact as stated in one of the Upanishads (philosophical explanation of Vedas) named Chhandogyaupanishad that the food we take makes our mind and the liquid we drink makes our soul so if you don't take food for 1/3rd of a moon month your mind will became dormant and soul will become dominant (as we use to drink only water in these 21 days) and it will make it easy for you to decide what actually you urge for.

                   "Always aim at complete harmony of thought and word and deed. Always aim at purifying your thoughts and everything will be well."- Mahatama Gandhi

Monday, August 9, 2010

Paint it Black !

जयादातर लोग काले रंग से घृणा करते है और मैं भी अपवाद नहीं हूँ. परन्तु हममें से शायद ही किसी ने सोचा होगा कि ऐसा क्यों है, आखिर काला रंग हमारे अंदर किन भावों को जगा देता है जिससे हम घृणा करने लगते हैं या फिर कहें कि दूर भागने लगते हैं.
Let me tell you something about that. If you have ever gone through the Shrimad Bhagwat Gita, you must be knowing the whole gamut of enlightenment of Arjuna by Lord krishna. In this process lord krishna shows the whole of universe manifested in his all pervading body with numerous heads and hands and asked Arjuna to express what he sees. At this, Arjuna, in a awful state of mind, tells to lord that he is unable to see anything because of the illustrious presence of some heavenly body and therefore asks the god to make him able to see. Then he sees some unbelievable unfolding: each and every participant in the war of Mahabharata,except a few, along with various other creatures is flying speedily into a dark matter and vanishing instantly and at the same time many other creatures including humans are coming out from the same matter, but from other end. The the lord Krisha explains it to the puzzled Arjuna that it is the future of the persons who you perceive as indomitable...................!!!!!!!!! At the later stage of the discourse the Lord Krishna tells Arjuna that a loyal devotee of mine can see this manifestation of mine and furthermore every creature knows this but by the virtue of illusion it cannot see this and again says that "संस्कार   कई जन्मों के प्राप्त अनुभवों का भंडार मात्र है और जन्म प्राप्त होने पर मन एवं संस्कार  के मिलने से ज्ञान  का निर्माण होता है और फिर ये ज्ञान ही प्राणियों को भिन्न प्रकार के कार्यों में प्रवृत करता है जिससे पुनः संस्कार प्राप्त होता है और ये चक्र तब तक चलता रहता है जब तक परमार्जित ज्ञान कर्मो से विमुख होकर इश्वर की ओर प्रवृत नहीं हो जाता है. ऐसा होने पर मनुष्य को मुक्ति मिल जाती है.परन्तु इस पुरे चक्र में एक जीव को कई बार अर्जुन द्वारा देखी गयी कृष्ण पिंड से होकर गुजरना पड़ता है.
Now if we take this as an axiom then it is obvious that every soul knows that it had gone through the dark matter in past and will again pass through it in future. Therefore whenever a man, rather his mind and soul, get to see the black colour it instantly connects itself with the black matter seen by him in his earlier round to the lliving world and realizes the futility of its blindfold race towards the illusion and get agitated and tries to escape the moment.
Many or almost all the cultures in the world looks the black colour in bad taste, it is never considered as the harbinger of good omen. But i would like to advocate for this colour because this is the only colour which make us feel the reality. This colour represents a kind of toughness, a cruelty towards the stumping emotions, a sincerity towards the duty, a snobbishness towards the frivolity of the seemingly rosy affairs of the world, a dissent towards the baseless optimism, etc. Conclusively it purge all the worldly affairs of its casual approach towards all the grave concerns of the world.
Don't you think the whole world is celebrating the false concept of global riches whereas we have galaxies of poor on this single planet. Don't you think that world are celebrating their nights in the discotheques in a false sense of happiness whereas majority of population are burning their skin in the sun or furnace for 16 out of 24 hours of the day. Don't you think that some vested interests have misguided us to believe that all is well despite children in the two big continents are going through all the trauma that is simply disgusting whether it  is regarding illiteracy, malnutrition, child-labour, sanitation or health. I feel all is gloomy and so there should be very lesser occasions for the colourful celebrations.There should be a sense of black responsibility, black  sincerity in each and every person in the world.

Monday, July 5, 2010

मोहे श्याम रंग दय दे!

 श्याम! पिया मोरी रंग दे चुनरिया. लाल न रंगाऊँ मैं हरी न रंगाऊँ, आपने ही रंग में रंग दे चुनरिया. This is a line from the bhajan of great devotee poet Mira bai where she argues to her beloved God to paint her clothes dark and not with any other colour such as red or green which obviously are the first choice of the young hearts.
If you try to understand the massage weaved in this otherwise simple line which shows the sultry way of expressing love by a lady towards her beloved husband, you will get to know the key to all kinds of humanity which the whole world is now a days craving for.
Feel the first line, the word "श्याम" has been used as both Noun and Adjective."श्याम" is name of Lord and her husband, again it is the colour which Meera wants her clothes(चुनरिया) to be paint with. Here clothe symbolizes the worldly desires and luxuries and the name श्याम is not only the name but the symbol of the philosophy and thought as well, of the husband. Hence, by the means of this line a devotee is praying to his God or a wife is saying to her husband, in full surrender and in full assertion of her possessive love, that do get my clothing dyed and it must be coloured in your colour.More explicitly she says that from now onwards, may all my desires reflect you and your thoughts, all my thoughts be pervaded by your presence, do get all my belongings of your choice.
Feel the second line, here after asserting her love and surrendering her desires the wife and devotee wants to make her point more clear that please don't get it died in any other attractive colours('लाल' that is 'red','हरी' that is 'green') but only in the colour of yours. By this line the devotee is trying to convince the God that it's not that She is not aware of the other colours and their charm as well but yet wants to get her clothes to be dyed in his colour that is 'श्याम' (black).
Let us dive deep into the meaning of this line. The great devotee Meera bai was of opinion that the goal of all the souls in this world is to meet its beloved God and only a womanly soul can enchant the God who is one and only perfect man in the universe. [Obvious manifestation of this creed of Meera Bai comes into light when after denial of permission by chief priest, citing her sex, to visit the Krishna Temple in Mathura she satirically replied "I thought there lives only one man" and got the permission to visit the temple.] Therefore while singing the bhajan she portrayed herself as the wife of lord Krishna. Again she opts the colour 'श्याम' as complexion of her dear God because in her opinion it is the colour of tender-valor, the prime features required for an adorable man.[We know the colour Red represents the valour and the colour Green represents the ternderness and if you mix the two you will a get a colour 'श्याम']
Furthermore by saying 'लाल न रंगाऊँ मैं हरी न रंगाऊँ', she wants to convey that neither she wants to be brave only nor she wants to be tender only she wants to be a lovable blend of both the valor and the tender that is she wants to be  'श्याम', same as her beloved God (आपने ही रंग में रंग दे चुनरिया).
Moreover the colour 'श्याम' is the colour of the land which shows the incomparable tolerance and fertility so by arguing to get her clothes dyed 'श्याम' Meera Bai is praying to God to make her as tolerant and fertile as the Earth is.
Now if you think of the results of such prayers if made by each and every human being, you will find the enchanting beauty of sustainable existence of all the creeds and practices pervaded all over the world flowing joyfully to the nectar of universe in such a romantic rhythm that will left not a single particle to lay in ignorance.

Don't think that the above philosophy is applicable to the macro world only, it is applicable to the micro that is to you as well. You are feeling the heat of all pervading selfishness and resulting contrast or ugliness of the world and conclude that you can't survive.
The first step towards the remedy is that stop thinking of survival and start contemplating of how to produce because in the whole world nature is manifesting the power of construction so it is easy to be the part of the all pervading process but for this you have to shun the lust for worldly desires, mind it "shun the lust for desires and not the crave for passion", because lust generates the fear of failure and it promotes the parasitism, root cause of all the ugliness of the world. The second step is to think brave and act tenderly. It will generate in you the confidence in the beauty of the world. Further this confidence will get the reflection into yourself which in turn make all your energy to flow in rhythm to the particularly destined feat of your life and hence to the nectar of the universe.
Remember from micro to macro the source of all the wonderful manifestation is same. So find out the source of joy in easily palpable macro world and apply it to the micro world and reinvent yourself as the part of eternal journey to the nectar of universe.   

Friday, June 25, 2010

what's your aspiration ?

Some of the most interesting colours in our life come out of the contrast we live in. Example of one such contrast is mentioned in the Hindu Epic "Mahabharata", as identified by king Yudhisthir when he was questioned by Lord Yama: " दुनिया में सबसे बड़ा आश्चर्य क्या है ?" and he replied: "भगवन सभी जानतें हैं कि मृत्यु अवय्शाम्भावी है फिर भी कोई मरना नहीं चाहता, यही दुनिया का सबसे बड़ा आश्चर्य है." Similarly there are various other contrasts which we live with due to wrong understanding of definitions regarding life and its numerous concepts, but let us focus on the one which is common to all the humanity in this world
             "We 'Aspire' one and We 'Desire' another."

The question is that what is the difference between "Aspire" and "Desire", both are synonyms to each other. If you give a close look into a dictionary you will find Desire is a wish to have something or somebody whereas Aspire is a wish to achieve something.
As per the theological postulates we all are made by the almighty to achieve some goal or to play a particular role in this world so our heart is made to remind us of our goal and our brain is designed to assist our heart in its quest, but unfortunately the brain use to get attracted by the glossiness of the futile worldly allurement.
Now when our heart reminds us of our quest it is manifested as "Aspiration" and when our brain crave for glossiness it is manifested as "Desire". Therefore obviously when you pursue your aspirations both heart and mind use to work in tandem to realise the real, the goal. But when you pursue your desires, only the mind get satisfied and the heart feels the pain of dissatisfaction and you will complain:
                    " Oh! I achieved what I wanted to but yet I am not satisfied".

You start your journey afresh but again towards another folly and use to meet the same or rather worse fate.Thus you use to live a prosperous yet desolate life.
Therefore it is very important for us to try to find out what our aspirations are. To identify the aspirations and the desires we need to identify the passion and the ambition separately as aspiration manifest itself as passion and desire manifest itself as ambition. Passion is something which we love to  engage ourselves in whereas Ambition is something which we love to get for ourselves. 
While chasing the ambitions we get ourselves engaged into it and start to believe that the ambition is our passion which is certainly not the case and hence comes into existence the eternal contrast, the mother of all painful follies in our life.
But if you live for passion, you will never get bored or exhausted because when we live the passion we find some unexplored dimensions waiting to be identified by ourselves and these discoveries make our heart satisfied and happy with all the transient and materialistic pains in our lives.Hence comes into existence the source of indomitable happiness. 
So the prime difference between the aspiration or passion and desire or ambition is that while discovering the former we enjoy the inexpressible blithe but while chasing the later we feel like shackled.
Another big difference which is very obvious is that while chasing the desire we get distracted but while discovering the aspiration we get more concentrated.
However the moot question is remain the same that what makes us to aspire one and desire another and the answer is very cruel: It is a game designed by nature which has made it to happen like that and then provided us with the power to identify and act wisely to liberate ourselves. That is why the great Swami Vivekananda had told: We all are sent by almighty to learn the art of self-control but by the time we learn to do, it gets too late. But this does not mean that one should not try to learn it because ultimately it will get late and therefore Swami Ji again says: There is no harm in making mistakes, bless your mistakes which help you to get  to the right. Further he reveals the way to get rid of this dilemma: "Whenever you get confused, blindly follow your heart because heart knows much more than the brain because brain decides on the logic of the present situations whereas the heart knows the future as well".
So next time whenever your heart and brain go either ways just make your brain follow the wise and passionate heart.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Look for life in colours !

Some times while sleeping at night you may wonder: " I have all the things which one could wish for oneself but yet I am feeling some emptiness in my life, why ? Why he is so happy with his life despite having less than what I have ?" You are feeling like an old tree at the age of 40 only or may be at 30 or even at 20 and are unable to find out why. You don't find things as interesting as they were some time ago. You feel like a man who has lost the appetite for each and every thing in the world. You live in anguish for nothing cognizable. Yet don't know why?
           The problem is that you, after running after every possible colour of your dreams or colourful dreams, have lost the taste of colours because you have decided that now there is no more colour to be chased in this world.
         But do you know that earlier you had never chased the colour, instead you chased life for the colours you dreamt in your childhood or youth. Actually you had a colourful sketch on your canvass and you put life into it through all your diligence. Now with the growing age you lost your inquisitiveness hence lost reasons to dream colours and hence no commitment to chase life and no interest in life. 
          Now the question is that is there any relation between "commitment to chase life for colours" and the all pervading "disinterest in the colourful life". Yes it is, you are doing it opposite the way a sane do or the way you were doing earlier.You are chasing the "colours for the life" instead the "life for colours". 
        If you are not getting the point just turn to nature and it will show you how it is doing the things and having them as well since the time immemorial and yet manages to stay interested:
         Observe every creation of God and you will realise that he has first made the things in certain colours and then put life into it. For example you yourself were made first in the one of the colours / designs / features of his choice and then got animated. Similar is the case for all the other creations of the God.
          Therefore start dreaming new dreams or at least the same dream with different colours ( look even God is making man with different colours )  and try to put life into it because there is a limit of adorning the same thing in same way you liked or cherished for a long time because an excess of everything brings the end to that. Not convinced! no problem, just go and try to adorn your cute baby or sweet wife or a cherished painting or at worst your favourite dish daily and realise the fact that "really there is a limit". Now it does not mean that you should go for a new partner or a new baby, but look for something different which is waiting for love, care and passion, it may be your pet, your business, your neighbour, your friend, your garden, your sense of humour,........... the list is unending. If you are going to say no there is nothing left for being taken care about, then I believe you are ignorant and need to brush up your brain to allow some new emotions to come inside, because emotions are the only thing which inspires creative dreams.
            With all this, what I wanted to say that is first chose the colour of your new choice and then paint the world around you instead of looking for the colour of your choice in the world which once you had coloured with one old choice (simply you can not find it ).
              "The difference between an ordinary man and a great one is that the ordinary man can't live a life in the whole life time but the great one use to live many lives in a few years"
                                                                                        -Swami Vivekananda                                                                                                

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Don't yell ! Mr. Yellow

    Many a times you would find yourself yelling at something or somebody for nothing but some stupid sort of activities as it was not as per your expectations, as it did not fit your bill, as it made you redo the things or at worst you felt like yelling to make it a point that you are busy with some thing that needed a much higher concentration. Seemingly one of the above reasons are sufficient to explain your erratic behaviour but the fact is a bit different, which you may not agree with. Actually any such behaviour crop up due to two reasons first and foremost may be your egocentric thoughts that you are important, you can not be wrong, you should be taken care of and at worst you believe that you are better than the best and second but equally important is that you may not be at ease with the circumstances around you and feel you are meted with wrong fate, wrong perceptions, wrong image and wrong rewards.

Both the reasons are of grave concern because the first one will wane away all the co-operations while the second one will make you void of your mettle.

Conclusively if first one is bad the second one is abysmal. So do find out that what make you yell at certain things and get rid of it as soon as possible because if you are in the first category then you are depriving the society of its leader ( that is you, provided you mend your ways) and  
 if you are in the second category then you are depriving your mother of her proud of being a mother (as no mother can bear the pain inflicted by her lose-face son). Please don't make it hard for either society or for mother to adore you, as non of them can tolerate a man suffering from Jaundice (yellow with weird irk or with pathetic dullness).
Come on make out a way! The fact is that actually you want to be famous or you want to control the things and that is why you yell.
So we will have to find the way to stage or the way to control room of the nature to pacify yourself and here again you will yell ! "what the hell are you talking about." But believe me! the nature is always ready to tell you the secrets of her laws.

"Just get to know, how to knock it right and nature will open all her doors for you."
                                                                                                               - Swami Vivekananda 
Have you ever seen the Sun or the Moon bargaining for the fame, but every morning and every evening non of  the eyes miss to see them and the reason is not that they yell. Then what do they do? They do what comes to them natural. Yes! this is the secret of fame- do what comes to you natural. In other words do as your conscience direct you and not rely on reasoning very much because what comes natural can not go wrong as it is directed by some absolute powers which you may identify as almighty or whatsoever you name it. As the greatest of all times scientist the Einstien (not sure about the spelling) himself wrote "God can't play dice" so no matter what you are doing but do with the permission of conscience and you will find the things falling at the right place at the right time.

Now for the second kind of yellow men I would like to ask them that have you ever seen a river thinking for the end result and splitting her waters in sky who never told her about the certain path to go by,  no matter whether she ends up in another river or in a sea or worst in a lake. No, we have not because she believes in the sky and in herself  as well. She believes that sky has dropped her here for some purpose and if it is not the case, I will find one for myself. She never bother that how much water she has or how much she will lose during the journey or how much she will get on the way or how much water her sisters have got for the same journey as she knows no one can replace her and she also can't replace none, all have their own way.
Then what she bothers about all the way? Yes! she bother about how to preserve what she got and hence try to keep herself away from any indulgence, not to copy the way her sisters doing as she has got different quantity of resources and destined for some thing different from others. She just take care of things which she can does and  moves with time to keep herself fresh. Hence always command the control on herself and consequently gets the power to control the every bit coming into her way. As the nature seldom apply any exception to itself so I think if you want to get the control of things coming into your way then just do it like the mighty river and enjoy every challenge coming in the way to the destined place.

"Every thing is destined, those who confide in me enjoy the journey and those who not, use to perish"
                                                                                            -Bhagwan Sri Krishna.   

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Feeling Poor! Apply vermilion.

After all your efforts to keep yourself feel satisfied, you are feeling some vacuum in life. You dream a lot for the betterment of your life, you sometimes try to change the perception and narration of existing dimensions, sometimes try to pronounce some prescriptions for the forthcoming  generations as you feel like the lost one, discarded one and the worst of all is that you feel pity for yourself.

         O Dear saddy ! while thinking all this have you ever realised that you are unhappy about what you don't have and never concentrated upon what you can have!!, have you ever realised that you are feeling belittled for the opportunities lost but never dared to pick the new one because you accepted that you lost in comparison of others around you !!, have you ever realised that you felt fettered not because any one else had overpowered you, but because you decided not to take pain to unfetter yourself !!. And yet every morning when you see the rising sun, you use to curse him for what he, as per your definition, didn't give you.

       Come on! you always have the best chance to start afresh! It's not that I, the no-one, am telling it to you but God, the Almighty himself ,is telling. But the problem is that we are unable to understand his language as the both ways he uses to tell such things are very difficult to go along: pay heed to conscience or follow the nature.
        Now the first way is a bit difficult to pursue for a man who has lost confidence in everything but the eye, at the instigation of which he concludes the result that he lost .
        So the second way is easy for him to go by as this can be perceived by the eyes provided that he has not lost the sole faithful thing he has,as per his own confession.[Mark it such persons never speak like: "I feel", "I think" instead they will tell "look what he is feeling", "look what he is thinking" or at worst "look how bad is my luck". Aa ha! don't go after those wonderful eyes of such people who can look the feeling and thinking of others, just take a note that he is left with only one thing "eye".

        Let us start to follow the nature to understand that how God is telling you to start afresh. Look the sky in the very morning, don't worry about the directions, you will find a vermilion colour shade pervaded all over the sky and your eyes will automatically turn to the East, source of the pervading beauty.Wow a beautiful opportunity to start but suppose you couldn't start and came the all dark evening. Again look up at the sky, it is again the same: a vermilion colour pervaded all over your surroundings, to remind you that it is again a chance for you to make a start. As a pessimist,you will say no this time it is not as bright as it was then. But here again lie a massage and a favour as well. The massage is that this time you will have fewer distractions (brightness always distract). The favour is that this time fewer people will take note of what you are doing and hence you will get the desired privacy.

       Now if you are going to look for another example then best of luck!. Go to the Himalayas!, as there is no place for onlookers in this world.
        Don't take it to heart as there are plenty of examples and you can look for the new one until you feel like going to work.

         One thing is also required to be taken note of : why God has chosen the vermilion colour to convey the most inspiring massage required for the mankind. May be it is inspiring for other species too. who knows!.Vermilion colour has a mixed hue of both red and orange. I don't know whether you agree but red colour stimulates vigour and strength and orange colour stimulates joy and happiness in a human being and all the four is required to set in for a new venture putting all the sadness in trash.

         So all that is required to do is to apply some vermilion (if you think fit, apply it as much as possible, just like Lord Hanumaan  ) to your thoughts and get go! maaan!!
        " Believe in yourself, believe in the world because God has great faith in his system that is why every moment he use to send someone to live. Otherwise he would have retained each and every child in his heaven as no father can put its son in a pathetic place".
         - Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore.