Saturday, March 12, 2011

Stretch it gently !

Sixth century B.C., India was going through a religious renaissance and a plethora of school of thoughts came into existence. Along with the Buddhism and Jainism there were two other prominent schools of thoughts: Charwakvaad (lokayat) and Akriyavaad.
Charwakvaad said " यावत् जीवेत सुखं जीवेत, ऋणं कृत्वा घृतं पिबेत" that is, live happily even if it requires you to live you on loan.
Akriyavaad said "there is nothing like good or bad deeds and their similar consequences" so   if you want to stay happy, do whatever you want to do with yourself."
Do you know? latter both these School vanished and as of now hardly any one knows about these philosophies.
Now the question arises that why these otherwise simple looking philosophies met with disrespectful demise in utter oblivion?
And the answer is that they didn't stretch it gently as the Buddhism and Jainism did.
So the point which I wanted to bring home is that if you don't stretch it gently it is not going to survive whether it is happiness, wealth, blithe, love, fame or even yourself. 
However you may not be agree with this as the above quoted example may not be convincing one, chances are more if you are an atheist or something like that.
So let us turn to nature and see how loudly and vividly she is trying to convince her children to "Stretch it gently". 
Can you start your day at 4 O'clock in the morning or at 12 O'clock ?
Can you stay awake for 18 hours at a stretch a day for a long time ?
Can you eat all the required food for one day in only one meal ?
Can you find any sane creature who is not following a particular routine in its day to day life ?
Let us try it with non-living things:
Can you name a single river which can maintain the intensity of its stream at highest level for whole year ?
Can you name a single mountain range which is growing at zooming rate ?
Can you name one single wind current which changes its course at its maniac behest ?
Can you blame the Sun that it is emitting more heat one day and less on another day ?
       I can bet that for all the above questions your answer will be negative and in case if u find some positive answers you will realise, without late, that there life is awfully short. The more sporadic behaviour you notice  the  more short will be the life.
       Some of you must call the above observation rubbish one because you are a proud scientific and logical brain. For such pro-science brain bearers here is the fact :-
1. The creatures which breathe at faster pace have the smallest life span. For example: an ant breathe at least 10 times faster than an elephant do and hence their lives are accordingly smaller and longer.
2. The creatures which run at extremely fast pace just can't run for long time. For example: a leopard runs much faster than a horse and hence a leopard can maintain the pace in minutes whereas a horse can maintain the pace in hours.
3. Sow the seed of Banyan tree and you will see the sapling after a fairly long time in comparison of that after which you will see the saplings if you sow the seeds of a ladyfinger plant and hence their lives are accordingly longer and shorter.          
4. If you need some more examples, just find it yourselves because it will leave a lasting impact on your brains. Simple reading was and will never be a good way of learning.
5. Last but not the least it is worth mentioning that even if a mother loves her child or children by going some extra miles it becomes something to suspect about and at many instances it prove to be fatal one.
Therefore, if u are not feeling good about something or anything in and around you just check it out, either you or yours is stretching something beyond the normal limits. Be careful !
However all the above said is of no good if you are feeling good by stretching something because things can be achieved only by stretching the required beyond the normal limits. (Even your own offspring is result of some kind of nice stretching beyond the normal limits)
              So the thing is that stretch if necessary but never let you stay in that position for long because world is not made for enjoying the agony but to enjoy the fruit of bearing the agony for a while.
Have you ever noticed that the light which is symbol of happiness is result of stretched position of electrons in other than their normal shell for only a minimal fraction of a second. So enjoy the meal of life with spice of stretch and not with the rice of stretch.
Mark the river when she moves in streamline motion she has venerable grandeur when she moves in random motion she is awesome but when moves mostly streamlined and occasionally and gently random she becomes lovable and cover the most of the available space for her journey.
Just take the cue and enjoy the journey !! 

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